You can collect topics with a specific property. As well as topics with a property that has a specific value.

To collect topics with a specific property, it's sufficient to add this property to a topic and click Collect data (provided that collection sources are set).

But be careful: when adding a property, make sure that it is of the type you need. That is, if you have topics with the "City" property in your maps, and the type of this property is "Text" (not Number or Currency...), then your property should be of the type "Text" as well.

You can collect Topic Properties with the following types:





Multi-line text


You can also collect topics where this property has a specific value. For example, you are interested in topics that have a property "City" with value "London". Then you do this topic:

it will collect all topics from your maps with property "City", which has the value "London".

If value has numeric type ("Number", "Integer", "Currency"), then the value should be some number.

You can also collect topics with a specific numeric property whose value match specific range. For example, there are topics in your maps that have a property "Costs", and you are interested in those of them in which expenses are more than $2,000.

But it is impossible to specify numeric range in the topic properties, so you have to deal with macro language. In this case, you will need to write the following code in the collection topic notes:


And now this topic will collect all topics with "Costs" property that have a currency type and whose value is from 2001 to 9900.

Topic Properties in MindManager are case sensitive. That is, property "Costs" and property "costs" are different properties! By default, data collection by properties is not case sensitive, i.e. topics will be collected both with the "Costs" property, and with the "costs" property. But if you want it to be case sensitive, use the "casesensitive" macrolanguage operator in the topic notes with this criteriа.