Data Collection Configuration Map is an essential element of Data Collection module.

Through this map you can also teach data collection engine new criteria, add your icons and to the drop-down Templates menu, build "Data Collection Keywords" window to your liking.

You may open it at any time clicking Templates - Open config map.

By default, this map can be found at
My Documents\Palmaross\MultiMaps\Resources\Data Collection\dashboards_config.mmap

Note. Be very careful editing the Configuration Map. If you edited the Configuration Map in a way so that it became unusable (broken, in other words), it is possible return it to default. Close MindManager, then delete the Configuration map in the place it is stored. Now start MindManager again. Now you have all your changes reverted.

This map has several branches.

Data Collection Keywords
The branch holds data collection criteria that understands "data collection engine." Also this branch generates the Data Collection Keywords window. You open this window clicking Templates --> Data Collection keywords in MultiMaps ribbon.

My icons
Generates "My icons" list you may see in the drop-down Templates menu in the MultiMaps ribbon.

My sources
Generates a list of your often used maps and folders. These sources can be used 1) to quickly add the desired source to your map (via Templates menu) 2) to quickly select desired source in the Manage Data Collection Templates window.

Suitable for keywords, icons, etc. you do not immediately use, but want to keep for a chance. This is kinda "spare storage". So that you may organize your keywords in a way you like, showing required ones and hiding unneeded. Move unneeded keyword to Misc branch - you always may return them back.

"Data Collection Keywords" branch

The branch holds data collection criteria that understands "data collection engine."

They are organized by criteria types.

How keywords work

Look at notes attached to each keyword topic.

First lines contain keyword command that is read, parsed and performed by Data Collection Engine. Be very careful with that. Read Data Collection Macro Language documentation before you try to modify it.

Next lines contain the description what this keyword does. In most cases this is enough to understand what given keyword collects and how to add your own needed similar keywords to the Configuration Map.

"Data Collection Keywords" window

This branch also generates Data Collection Keywords window, which is caused by a corresponding command from the drop-down Templates menu on the MultiMaps ribbon:

The Data Collection Keywords window always looks the same as Data Collection Keywords branch. Compare:

      Keywords branch in Configuration Map               Data Collection Keywords window

Keyword topics colors

If you set a custom (your) text color, fill color or line color to a keyword topic in this configuration map, these colors will be applied to this keyword in your collection map.

There are two rules for this automatic colouring of a keyword topic in your data collection map:

1) If nothing was collected under this topic, the auto-colouring won't take place.

2) The auto-colouring is applied only for those keyword topics which have default (automatic) fill color, text color and line color. So, if you decorate your keyword topic in your data collection template (map) with your own colors, the auto-colouring won't take place.

Attention! Topics with keywords in this branch can only have (1) keyword itself, (2) topic notes with code and comments and (3) icon(s). All other data (tags, topic properties, dates on topic...) are ignored!

"My icons" branch

Generates "My icons" list which you may see in the drop-down Templates menu in the MultiMaps ribbon:

     Icons list in Templates menu                Icons branch in the config map

This menu is DYNAMIC - as soon as you alter "My icons" branch in this map the changes are immediately reflected in this menu.

Clicking the icon in this menu puts the icon to selected topics. This icon then appears in Index pane under "Single Icons" branch.

You can use this menu instead of MindManager icons library. You can organize all your icons in a very handy way - you can do things like:

"My sources" branch

Holds a list of sources to quickly add them to maps, as well as use them in the "Data Collection" dialog and in the Data Collection Templates:

Add a topic named as your source and having a link to the source into this branch to see it in My sources section of the Templates dropdown menu:

"Maps" submenu

Holds your maps. The easiest way is to drag a map (from Windows Explorer) and drop it to a topic. Then name the topic as you need.

"Folders" submenu

Holds folders with your maps. The easiest way is to drag a folder (from Windows Explorer) and drop it to a topic. Then name the topic as you need.