Choose MultiMaps version:


The Light version is a great choice for individual work. But it works only with one computer (although it can be installed on two). Sharing MultiMaps functions are not available. Also, not available some Data Collection criteria needed above all in professional work: work with topic properties, formulas, some task info, etc.

Full version is designed for professional work with MindManager and a (very) large number of maps. Its strong point is that it can share all data between different computers. Full version is about 2 times more power than Light.

Detailed comparison of both versions see here.

The following upgrade options are available for previous MAP users:

If you already have a MAP licence for MindManager 2019 then your licence will unlock the MindManager 2020 edition of MAP.

If you have a MAP licence for MindManager 2018 or earlier you will need to purchase the upgrade. Please send an email with your license key to: