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If you use MindManager over time to organize the whole company or your activities, you will inevitably create various of maps.

MindManager is a brilliant program for working with information and enabling visual project management. It performs very well when working with a single map. However, the ability to process multiple documents is quite limited in MindManager.

MultiMaps removes this limitation.

Data Collection allows you to collect any map data from any number of maps, whether on the same computer, on different devices, or in the cloud storages (Google Drive, etc.).

Common Lists and My Icons helps you organize all your Resources, Tags and Icons in one place, making it easy to use them across different maps without creating them in each map. Productivity and consistency increase across projects and activities.

My Maps will help you easily find any map you have ever opened (in the presence of MultiMaps).

My Bookmarks will allow you to go to the places on your maps quickly. Like bookmarks work in the browser.

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