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With a single project map, you can easily track a project using MindManager functionality. You can filter tasks to find active tasks for today, tomorrow, next week, and so on. You can check what tasks an employee is doing in the project, find and select topics by icons or tags, etc. Using the Resources Task Pane, you can find over or underutilized employees in a project, etc.

You will develop many maps using MindManager to organize the whole company or your personal life.

Practical challenges and needs may include:

Plus, many more complex search requirements that span a map collection.

There can be many criteria by which you may want to search for information and activities, along with specifications on organizing the results.

The Data Collection function can collect data from a set of maps using ANY criteria.

MultMaps offers powerful but flexible functions that are easy to customize.

Open the Demonstration Map to explore how MultiMaps works.

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