Calendar Manager

(Google Calendar for MindManager)

The Calendar Manager Add-In (Google Calendar for MindManager) is designed to integrate your calendars data (events and tasks) with MindManager.

With this add-in you can:

  1. Add events to your maps from your Google calendars. This is done by querying your Google Calendar. The query collects events from your calendars by the criteria you specify for this query. You can request events from any of your calendar(s), indicate the query period (today, this week, this month, etc.), request events of a certain color, containing certain text in their title or description, etc.
  2. Create events on any of your calendars, both single or repeating events, right from MindManager.
  3. Edit events added to your maps and send changes to calendars.
  4. Synchronize events in your maps with their originals on your calendars. This sync can be either manual or automatic (eg, every 10 minutes).

Work with events requested from your calendars and added to your maps is more handy and faster than from Google Calendar itself:

  • you can see the full names of all events, not part of them;
  • you point your mouse over the event topic notes and see a description of the event;
  • seeing the icons on the event topics, you get extra event info: “Repeat” icon on an repeating event, “Guests” icon on an event that has attendee, etc.;
  • using the “Map Index” task pane, you can easily see all events marked with those icons and quickly find them, as well as filter the map. For example, filter the map to see events from certain calendars only, or events with a certain color only , or repeating events only , events with guests, etc.

To see events nearly as they look in your Google Calendar, you can use the Schedule map view.

Your calendars may contain confidential information, so please take your time to read Calendar Manager Privacy Policy.