Map Navigator


The Map Navigator module consists of two independent functions.

1. Map Content

This is very simple but useful function. As your map grows up, it became hard to browse through it – you have many branches opened, and have no complete view of the map. You need constantly scroll the map to reach the needed place, or collapse branches to get the overview of the map.

The Map Content does very simple thing – it shows the list of topics in the separate window as a tree, allowing collapse/expand levels in that tree. The map itself is kept untouched.

When you click a topic in the Map Content window, the clicked topic in the map becomes visible and selected.

Map Content window is fully dynamic. Once you alter a topic in the Map, it is immediately reflected in the Map Content window. Or if you modify a topic in the Map Content window (yes, it is possible!), it will be immediately altered in the Map.

If you switch to another Map (without closing Map Content window), the Map Content window will be immediately refreshed to show the content of that map.


MultiMaps Bookmarks do exactly the same as bookmarks in Browser, bookmarks in Word or Notepad and in any other program.

You can say that there is a function in MindManager named Labels, and this is nearly the same. Yes, Labels are a kind of bookmarks. But they work in the current map only.

MultiMaps Bookmarks allows to bookmark topics in maps in the same way as Labels does, but you can access them even if the map is not opened. MultiMaps has its own Bookmarks database that holds bookmarks from different maps. Just in one click you open the target map and navigate to target place in it.

As well as for Web browsers, you can organize Bookmarks into Folders. For example, “Reports” folder can keep bookmarks for Reports topics from different project maps. You don’t need to remember where this damn report is, and how to navigate to it through a map.


There is also a special bookmark group named Favorites. You can put the most often used bookmarks there. Just imagine how quickly you can now access to the most required topics!

All in all, everything is simple. Bookmarks are bookmarks. They are always useful, they allows you never loose needed places in needed maps, and save your time and mood when you search these places – one can become very nervous spending a lot of time navigating through a huge map 🙂 .

This is what to be applied to different maps.

Now… to make it easy working with a specific map, especially with a big map, we added a very useful feature named express bookmarks. Nevermore creep through a map like a snail. This is the time to run through it like a cheetah!

Free your mind and your time from unneeded routine things. Allow Bookmarks to serve your needs. Twice the efficiency of your job!