Synchronization module allows you to synchronize topics (with their subtopics, ie, their branches) in the same map, or even in different maps.

If you are synchronizing two topics (two branches), and then change something in one of those topics, or in any of its subtopics, or add or delete something in one of the branches, it will be reflected also in the other branch without your intervention.

There are many applications to topics synchronization.

For example:

  1. Your map contains the description of some processes (business, or technology, or procedures, or instructions, etc.). Some of the processes or their parts contain exactly the same steps as the others. Or this process is duplicated in the other map. If it changes it is necessary to change the same in the duplicated process. So, all you need is just set up synchronization between needed branches, and Synchronization will do the rest. Your work is halved right away! As you change something in one process, the changes will be immediately reflected in other.
  2. In your Central Map, you want to see overall outcomes from different project maps. To do that, create a topic named Report there, and add subtopics, one per each project. Then synchronize these subtopics with required (summary) topics from your project maps. Now the “Report” branch reflects the most actual data from required summary topics. Automatically. Without that, you would need to copy such data manually, and this would take time (and errors). Now Synchronization does it for you.
  1. You are a Project Manager and need to assign tasks to certain employees. You make a map, each branch of which is the tasks for such employee. Then you synchronize these branches with certain branches of employees’ maps (named, say, “Chief’s tasks”). Now just add tasks to your map, and they will be shown in employee’s map. Cool? I’ll say!The same way you may receive their reports, as the synchronization is two-ways. As soon as the employee reflects his activity in his map, you immediately see it.

You may ask: how is it possible to synchronize with maps that are not in my computer?

Well… we have applied a very interesting method that allows doing that. With our (Super)Synchronization module, you can synchronize any number of topics in any number of maps, stored anywhere!

You can synchronize topics in maps stored on different devices, on network disks (in your corporate network, for example) and even in Mindjet Cloud (Mindjet Files).

Two more points the Synchronization can do:

  • sync can be Automatic as well as Manual. You don’t need to bother that you may forget to synchronize something. As you set the synchronization up, it can automatically send and receive updates. Automatic synchronization can be turned off either globally or just for each particular topic.
  • sync can be either two-way or one-way. In most cases, you will want to use two-way synchronization, but this is not always the case.

In the above example Chief sends tasks to his employees, synchronizing his topics with employees’ topics. And in this case is very convenient to use one-way synchronization. Chief does not want employees to be able to modify his tasks and send modifications back to Chief (saying “This is what it was” 🙂 ).


Accidentally, we found one more application for our Synchronization: a chat inside the map! Yes, you can chat with your colleagues in real time!

Just synchronize your topics. This is as simple as that! Probably we will add specific “chat”-related features in next releases.