Project Tracking

Have you ever wanted to see tasks needed to be done today, right at the moment you open your map?

Or on Friday evening, you are planning the next week and want to have tasks highlighted that 1) start in the next week, 2) are in progress and 3) end in the next week? Not filtered, not selected, but precisely highlighted in different colors? And practically without your “interference”.

Or you want to check the workflow and you need to see all tasks that end in the next 3 days.

And so on. There are many such scenarios.

Tracking module is precisely designed for the fulfillment of such desires.

Just one click – and your map become alive, showing you tasks to which you need to pay your attention:


So your maps became more alive. This module will help you in planning, in project reviewing, in task progress monitoring, etc.

You can use predefined tracking templates, and you can create your owns. You can specify highlight colors for different periods (Today, Tomorrow, etc.). When topic dates match a given period, the topic will be highlighted with given color then.

Highlighted topics can also propagate their color to parent topics, up to their Main Topic. So even in collapsed map, you may see that some Main Topic suddenly became red – that means there is something that needs your attention. You expand this branch and see what exactly.

This is easy to find out, what each highlight color means. As a topic is highlighted, the name for its color appears in Map Index pane:


See more about this flexible and powerful module in the MultiMaps Help. Try it, and you’ll love it. Your projects should be alive!