MindManager Add-Ins

Many maps? No problem!

Manage unlimited number of maps easily!

Collect Data from your maps, by any criteria.
Easy navigation inside large maps and between maps.
Synchronize topics in the same map or between different maps.
Common database for your resources and tags. And a lot more!

Calendar Manager
GooCalendar in MindManager

Your Google Calendar in your MindManager

Full Google Calendar and MindManager integration.

A test version will be released in November, 15.

50+ new functions in your MM!

The Swiss Army Knife in your MindManager!

Over 50 additional commands in your MindManager.
350 more new pictures and icons in the MM library.
Audio-notes and videos inside the MindManager itself.
Power work with all topic elements.

Easy task management

Automated task management

Task management with a Kanban style.
Focus… on what’s important!
Handy task info editor.
Task automation at your fingertips.