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MindManager is a brilliant program to work with information at any level of user’s competence as well as for visual project management.

It performs very well as long as it works only in one document (map).

But as soon as user has plenty of maps, he comes to questions. Most often and most common of them are:

  1. How to collect data from a variety of maps? How to summarize data from several projects by some criteria?
  2. How to memorize what is stored in my 10-20-30 maps?
  3. How to organize my resources, groups of text markers (tags) I use in different projects? This is inefficient to use all of them in each new map, but MindManager has no common storage for them.

MultiMaps Add-In has been designed to solve these (and not only these) burning problems.


MultiMaps consists of 5 independent functional groups (modules): Data Collection, Tracking, Map Navigator, Common Lists and Synchronization. (One can purchase them either separately or all at once):


icon-dcData CollectionCollect Data from your Maps (regardless how many maps you have and where they are located!), by any criteria. By dates, icons, topic names, resources, Task priorities, Task progress, and many others, as well as by their combinations. Collected data keep interactive links to their sources! Despite the functionality is quite flexible and very powerful, we made it as simple for the user as possible. Having many Maps and Projects is not a problem anymore! More…
icon-clCommon ListsAre you having many Resources? Many projects, several companies, departments, etc.? The Common Lists module helps to organize your Resources in an easy and convenient way, they will be always in touch. You will be able to set them to specific topics, or copy the whole required group to your Map. The same is for Tags. Organize your Tags: Contacts, Categories, Stages… and forget about copying them constantly from one map to another! More…
icon-trProject TrackingYou open a project map and immediately see which tasks need to be done today, which are for the next 3 days, what should be finished today etc… Or you plan the next week and want to see tasks for that week. And there are overdue tasks, too. But they are somewhere deep in the Map, and you hardly can see them. This is not a problem anymore. Tracking will lead you to them “by the hand”. You can flexibly configure all desired “visions” for your maps/projects. Your Projects should be alive! More…

icon-mnMap Navigator

We are very familiar with Bookmarks in Web Browser, and assume them as must-have feature. But how to “memorize” the required or important places in your maps?  Of course in the same way! Bookmark Topics, organize Bookmarks into Folders! Free your mind for more important things. You will also like the powerful accelerator in working with huge maps – Express Bookmarks.

The second function of this module is dynamic Map Contents that is built on-the-fly and really makes it easy to navigate through the huge maps.  More…

icon-mmSynchronizationSynchronization module allows you to synchronize topics (and their subtopics, i.e., their branches) in the same Map or in different Maps. You can even synchronize topics in Maps that are stored in different devices or in Cloud storage. This, of course, is an extremely useful feature for collaboration and remote work (you can even do a chat in your Map!). Synchronization works both in automatic and manual mode. You can setup either one-way or two-way synchronization.  More…