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About Calendar Manager

Google Calendar - your Google Calendar. It consists of your Primary Calendar (created with your Google Account) and all the calendars you have made or added to your Google Calendar.

Google Tasks - your tasks on Google. You can access your Google Tasks from your Google Calendar as well as from other Google services. For example, from Gmail, the Google Tasks app on your smartphone, Google Drive, etc.

Calendar Manager is designed to integrate your Google Calendar and Google Tasks with MindManager.

With this add-in, you can:

  1. Add events from your Google Calendars to your maps by querying your Google Calendar. The Query collects events from your calendars by the criteria you specify. For example, request events from any of your Calendar (s), select the query period (today, this week, this month, etc.), select events of a specific color, or select events that have particular text in their title or description, etc.
  2. Create single or recurring events on your calendars from within MindManager.
  3. Use Google Events as tasks and transform Google Calendar into a task tracker for collaboration.
  4. Add your Google tasks to the map, selected by a specific period or status (completed/uncompleted), or tasks containing particular text in their title or description.
  5. Create tasks, send them to your Google tasks, and add full Task Info (Priority, resources, progress, etc.).
  6. Edit your maps events or tasks and send the changes to a Google Calendar.
  7. Manually or automatically (e.g., every 10 minutes) synchronize events and tasks in your maps with their originals on your calendars.

Calendar Manager makes working with events and tasks within a MindManager map more versatile and faster than Google Calendar because you can:

You can use the Schedule map view to represent a close approximation of how events look in your Google Calendar.

Use the Schedule map view also for Google tasks to improve on the Google tasks view.

Calendar Manager allows you to work with your events offline: create new events, and modify and delete existing ones. Calander Manager will synchronize all changes with your Google Calendar when you reconnect to the internet and after your first Refresh.

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