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Event as a task

Use Google Calendar events as tasks (sometimes it’s more efficiente than use Google Tasks, due to the events have much more properties).

You can add calendars of your colleagues/employees to your Google Calendar and share tasks with them.

To transform an event (in the map) to a task, you need to put a Progress icon on it. With any percentage. This topic-event-task will be sent to Google Calendar with all task info, that is:





General costs

For example, you send an event topic (with task info) to Google Calendar:

There is nowhere to attach task info in a Google Calendar event, but this info will be appeared in the event description:

As you can see, between the "###" symbols there are a task info (taken from the map topic).

Now the most interesting: task info values can be edited here. When updating, these changed values will be reflected in the map event topic.

To make it work correctly, it's important not to change anything in the block between the "###" symbols other than the task info values.

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