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Search rules

You can specify the text in the Contains text: field in the Create query window to query events containing specific text.

For example, if you enter the word “webinar” in this field, then only those events that contain the “webinar” word will be collected in the query.

For example, if you enter the word "webinar" in this field, Calendar Manager collects only events that contain "webinar" in their title or description.

You can set up a precise search by applying the following rules:

  1. If you enter several words (without quotes), this means that the event must contain all these words without regard for the case (uppercase or lowercase).
  2. You can separate words with the OR or | delimiter to search for tasks or events that match individual words. For example, "webinar OR workshop OR training" will return events that contain any of these words. The alternative construction is "webinar | workshop | training".
  3. If you want to search for an exact word or phrase, enclose that word or phrase in quotes. For example, "Rose" will search for Rose (with a capital R) and rose (without quotes) will search for both Rose and rose. The <MindManager webinar> will search for events that contain both words. For example, "Webinar: MindManager as Project tool" will match this Query. But if you specify the search <"MindManager webinar"> (with quotes), then only events that contain this exact phrase will match.
  4. You can search for events that DO NOT contain a specified word. To do this, put a - (minus) symbol without a space before the word. For example, if you enter "-webinar" in the search field, events that contain "webinar" will not match the Query.

You can combine these rules. For example, a search for "webinar OR workshop -MindManager" will find events that contain "webinar" or "workshop" but not "MindManager" in their title or description.

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