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MultiMaps Bookmarks are like bookmarks within your web browser, text editor, or other programs.

Bookmarks allow you to bookmark map topics. A bookmark database can hold the bookmarks from many maps, allowing you to open the required map and navigate to bookmarked topics in one click.

Like the bookmarks in your web browser, you may group bookmarks into folders. For example, the Reports folder can hold bookmarks to the report topics in different project maps. You don't need to remember where you have stored the report or find it among all the topic branches.

You can conveniently add bookmarks to maps/branches that you often use and save them as Favorites.

Bookmarking is a simple process. Bookmarks are always helpful as they prevent losing your place on a map and reduce the time it takes to find a location.

Free your hands and mind from unneeded searching and let Bookmarks do the job for you.

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