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Clean map from collection results
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Clean a Map or Branch from Collected Topics

If you no longer need collected topics, you can delete them from the map.

Select the branch parent topic and click the Clean button in the MultiMaps Ribbon to remove all collected topics in this branch. The action will also remove the Callout topic with collection statistics.

To clean the entire map, select the Central Topic.

Remove source links

If for some reason you want to remove links on the collected topics (for example, you have to send the collected data to another person, but the links will become broken on his computer), you can remove that links with this command.

Clean a Map from Collection Attributes

The data collection map has some peculiarities. For example, it is continuously monitoring changes in the map topics. If this is a collection topic, it will send changes back to the original map.

You can remove all the dashboard symbols if you no longer need the map purposed as a collection map (dashboard). To do this, click the Remove collection attributes command in the Clean button drop-down menu.

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