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Send changes to origins
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After generating a map containing search results, you can modify topics, change dates, mark tasks as completed, edit Resources, alter progress and priority and so on. It is desirable to transfer these changes to the original maps.

Each collected topic has a hyperlink to the original topic. Clicking on it opens the original map and selects the original topic.

Also, MultiMaps uses these links to send changes you made back to original topics.

Important! You cannot add links to collected topics. Sending changes to the source will fail.

You may send changes with Send Changes button.

This button has three states:


       1                          2

1. A disabled (grey text, unhighlighted) button indicates that the current map is not a collection map, there are no changes in it, or you have already sent the changes to the source maps. Clicking on the button does nothing.

2. An active (highlighted) button indicates that the collection map contains changes. Click on the button sends all changes to their source maps. The button becomes inactive until the user makes new changes.

Note: If you add subtopics to the collected topics, the Send Changes button will remain unhighlighted, and MultiMaps will not send these subtopics as changes. This limitation only applies to the collected topics. When you collect branches (e.g., using the Advance or In-Tray keywords), then adding, deleting, changing its subtopics does highlight this button, and these changes can be synchronized.

The program will also send changes to the attached maps when collecting data.

You can send changes made to a single topic or branch. To do this, select the desired topic/branch and click the Synchronize selected branch command under the Send changes button drop-down menu.

MultiMaps does not copy all the original topics' topic attributes or copy all attributes back to those topics. The Send changes command synchronizes the following:

MultiMaps ignores all other attributes, including:

- changed Font colors or Fill colors

- boundaries and relationships

- added pictures, attachments etc.

Note: currently, MultiMaps will not send changes made in the topics callouts.

Sometimes, a resulting map will get the whole branch from the source map (e.g., In-Tray and Advance keywords). The program will send them back so that the source and collection branch remain identical.

Topic duplicates

MultiMaps may collect some topics more than once. Suppose, you are using the collection template that has This Month and Overdue keywords. It's possible that some topic fall into both branches.

MultiMaps tracks duplicated topics and will synchronize changes between them when you change something in one of these topics. It sends the changes to the original topic and also changes all duplicates.


Note: the program must open the original maps when sending changes to them. They are not visible, and you will not notice them. However, they do affect the Recent Files list. After the program sends changes, it will change the current file list. If you make changes in many maps, this list will change considerably.

If you need specific maps to remain in the Recent Files list, pin them to the list by clicking the pin icon on the maps you need

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