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Basic principles of data collection
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There are only two fundamental principles of Data Collection. You configure MultiMaps with the following:

The most straightforward setup for data collection involves the following:

1. Create a topic with your criterion. For example, you want to collect all overdue tasks from your maps (tasks that end earlier than today and have Progress less than 100% that you have not completed). So, your criterion is Overdue.

2. Specify FROM WHERE MultiMaps should collect data. Just add topic(s) with a link to a map(s) or to a folder with required maps or with attached map(s):

3. Select the topic with collection criterion (Overdue).

4. Click on the top of the Collect Data button on MultiMaps Ribbon.

MultiMaps collects all overdue tasks from specified sources will be collected as subtopics under the Overdue topic.

You can collect all your overdue tasks if they are present on any of your maps. You can create a couple of overdue tasks on the map to try it. In this case you don't need to specify the data source since the data comes from the current map and all linked maps.

Now you can learn about MultiMaps data collection criteria.

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