‘Calendar Manager’ Privacy Policy


What is ‘Calendar Manager’?

Calendar Manager (“Application”) is the MindManager Add-In that integrates into MindManager interface and allows MindManager users to receive and modify their Google Calendar data (events and tasks).

How does this happen?

At the first launch, the Application refer to the Google Calendar service, requesting access to your Google Calendar data. The Google Calendar service opens a consent screen in your browser, offering you to allow access to your Google Calendar data. More information about which data is requested is reported in this window.

What data the Application have access to?

1. View your calendars and their settings.

2. View, create, edit and  delete events on all calendars that are available to you on your Google Calendar.

3. View, create, edit and  delete tasks and task lists on your Google Calendar.

Data use

Via the Application, you can make a queries to receive (events and tasks) data from your calendars by various criteria. The results of these queries are added to your MindManager document (map), and only to the document. This data is not stored anywhere else. You can modify this data in your maps and synchronize changes with your Google calendars.

Please note that your calendars may contain confidential information. From the moment this information appears in your MindManager document (map), access to this information is under your responsibility.

Your calendar data (calendars Id and calendars settings) is stored in the memory of your device during the work session, and after Application work completion this data is deleted.