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Sometimes, you will find it more efficient to convert Google Calendar events to tasks because they have many more properties.

You can add your colleagues' and employees' calendars to your Google Calendar and share tasks with them. Such a peculiar  task tracker.

Place a Progress icon (set to any completion value) to a map task to instruct Calendar Manager to send the task to Google Calendar along with all its task information:

In the Calendar Manager Settings, you can define more precisely what a task info should be added to a Google Event.

For example, you send a topic (with task info) to Google Calendar as event:

After sending it looks like this:

The task information will be placed in the Google Calendar event description since there are no task information fields in a Google Calendar event.

You can see the task information between the ### symbols in the example above.

If the event has some description, that's okay. It will remain and will appear under the task info block.

A user can edit the task information values, and Calendar Manager will update these changes on the corresponding map event.

It is vital that you only change the task info values, or the procedure will fail. For example, you can change Priority: 1 to Priority: 3 in the example above.

When you remember the format of the task info values, in the Calendar Manager Settings you can disable the format hints appearence in this block. It will become more compact.

If you do not want the task info to be added in Google Event, remove the Progress icon in the map topic.

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