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MindManager allows you to organize a marker structure, but it is only suitable for a single map.

There is no shared storage for markers in MindManager. And if you need to constantly use a specific set of Resources, tags, and icons in your maps, then you must create them in each new map repeatedly. This situation is not very convenient.

The Common Lists function solves this problem entirely as it can:

When you click on the lower part of the Common Lists button, you'll see the Resources and Tags command in the drop-down menu, as well as various icons, some combined into groups (Project and Collect):

When you click on any icon, it is added to the selected topics.

See here for details on how the icons populate this menu. You can easily add all the icons you need to this menu and group them however you like.

The Resources and Tags command opens a task pane similar in content and functionality to the Index task pane. In this pane you can see lists of Resources and tags and fill them with your Resources and tags.

Also, this pane can be opened by clicking on the upper part of the Common Lists button.

Also, there is a command in the bottom-right corner of the MindManager window to open the Common Lists pane:

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