Project Icons
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You may use any icon in your maps. However, a common practice is to use MindManager icons to mark specific project cases.

Consider the following icons and their definitions.

  icon marks a Deadline (there is a Due date). The keyword Deadlines in the Data Collection Configuration map collects topics with this icon and the Due date.

  icon marks ideas/thoughts to be worked on turned into actions.

  icon marks tasks that other tasks or people depend on. They usually have higher precedence compared to other tasks.

  icon means the topic contains a Question that needs answers. Keyword Questions collects such topics.

  icon means the task is recurrent repeats daily, weekly, etc.

Data Collection Engine also uses several icons. You cannot replace these icons with user icons, nor can they be used for anything else.

  No entry icon means that the data collection engine will not use a topic with this icon, its subtopics and maps linked to this topic, nor its subtopics will not be used for data collection. This means you can exclude projects or branches that do not need to be collected. For example. If you have a template with three keyword branches, but don’t want to collect data from one of them. you just add this icon to the branch.

  Information icon means that MultiMaps ignores a topic with this icon when collecting data. For example, a topic can have a date representing a birthdate instead of a task date. This topic is not collected. By using this icon, you can easily exclude specific topics from processing.

  marks tasks that need to be broken down into next actions. The keyword Advance collects topic with both and icons.

  means that topic is a subproject or summary task and NOT an action and prevents the data collection engine from treating these topics as Tasks, even if they have Task Info. Use and together to mark a topic as a summary task that needs to be broken down into subtasks.

  define the topic as a Project (most commonly, the central topic of the Project map), allowing you to collect all topics with project names. This arrangement is helpful for monthly reports, especially in the case where such topics keep a project's summary information, such as start/due dates, the project manager resource, the accumulated project progress, etc.

MultiMaps uses Project and Subproject icons are also used in the resource inheritance mechanism, read here for details.

You may add icons to the Data Collection Configuration map so they are easily accessible via Templates - My icons:

Open the Configuration map and define your icons in the My icons branch.

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