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Run query

To run a Query, open the Calendar Manager dropdown menu on the MindManager Ribbon > Advanced tab and click on any query.

Calendar Manager contains some simple predefined queries you can run right after installing:

Calendar Manager will add events or tasks to the chosen topic or the Central topic (topic not selected) of your map if the selected Query successfully matches them in your Google Calendar.

The default queries are relatively simple and request events or tasks from your default Calendar or task list. If you want to import events and tasks from other calendars or task lists, you must add a new query to this menu.

You can also run Queries from the Query Manager task pane. Open the Query Manager and double-click on a Query, or select the Query and click the Add to map button.

Calendar Manager will add the Query to your map and ask you to run it.

MindManager treats the topics added after running a Query as a business topic. There are differences between business topics and regular topics.

A Calendar query topic looks like this:

Query Topic Properties indicate what query it represents (Events or Tasks).

Topic Notes contain a description of the Query.

Click (right or left) the icon on the topic left to see the query context menu:

You cannot add another query into the existing query branch. If you try to do this (for example, copy/paste some query topic), it will be deleted.

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