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Resource rules
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There is a keyword Resources in the Data Collection Configuration Map. This keyword collects topics with at least one Resource on them.

You can also set the required Resource directly to any topic in a Template. The Data Collection Engine is instructed to collect topics with this resource from your maps under that topic, even if the topic name does not match any keyword in the Data Collection Configuration Map.

There is a way to exclude topics with the desired Resource. Set the resource to Assign when you are unsure who to delegate a task.

And, when you collect tasks with resources assigned to them (for example, to check the resource loading), you do not want see tasks with resource Assign. You need to exclude them.

There is an operator ignoreresource for that. You need to use the following code in topic notes to exclude all tasks with Assign resource:



This will collect topics with any resource except assign (or Assign).

You can exclude several Resources using the following syntax:

ignoreresource:resource1, resource2, resource3


Sometimes you may need to collect tasks that you have assigned to yourself. There are two usual ways to mark such tasks:

Users can collect tasks using the keyword My tasks for both situations (see the Data Collection Configuration Map ).

This keyword collects all task-topics* without resources or that have your name set as a resource (the name specified as the MindManager user). You may set your name in MindManager settings under File -> Options -> User Info -> User Name.

* A topic is considered as a task, if it has at least one of the following attributes:


When working with Resources, you also need to understand Resource Inheritance rules. Read this topic for details.

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