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Tags rules
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Some keywords defined in Data Collection Configuration Map are designed to work with Tags group names.

For example, a topic with the keyword Contexts will filter all the topics from source maps with any tag from the Contexts tag group. Likewise, a topic with the keyword Categories will collect all topics with any tag from the Categories group.

You can add your keyword for a new tag group to the Configuration map. Create a topic and enter code into the notes using the tag:your_tag_group. For instance, you add a topic named Stages to the Configuration map. Then type tag:Stages in its notes. When added to a Data Collection Template, the keyword Stages will collect topics with any tag from the Stages group.

You can also filter topics by a specific tag from a tag group. If you need to filter all topics with the Phone tag from the Contexts tag group, you create a topic in the Configuration map and write in its notes tag:Contexts:Phone. Now this topic will collect all topics with Phone tag from the Contexts group.

You can also add required tags from a tag group directly to any topic in a Template. Simply set the needed tag to the topic in your Template. The Data Collection Engine understands that you want to collect topics with this tag from your maps under that topic, even if the topic name does not match any keyword in the configuration map.

Tag group names and tag names are case insensitive. That is, if you specify Contexts:Phone, the data collection engine will collect the tags Phone or phone from the group Contexts or contexts.

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