Central Map
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If you have a lot of maps, there are several ways to organize them.

First of all, you may use the File system to create Folders and put your maps there.

Another effective way is to use MindManager's My Maps task pane to create Collections and put your maps there.

But the best way to organize your projects-maps is to create a Central Map with topics that link to your projects. Thus, the topics' names are the names of the projects.

An example of a typical Central Map is a MultiMaps demo map (see Collect Data - Open demo Map):

A Central Map is your front desk from which you can quickly jump to any project. On the other hand, if you want to collect data from all your projects, it is enough to point to the Data Collection template to the Central Map, and MultiMaps will collect data from all the project maps linked to this Central Map.

You can also attach maps to a Central Map. You must enable the Collect from attachments checkbox in the collection configuration. See also the Data collection sources section.

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