Advanced criteria
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You can configure the data collection criteria more flexibly with the data collection macro language.

MultiMaps understands what have to be collected by the special code words and phrases. Such a code can be placed into the collection topic notes.

MultiMaps looks into the collection topic notes - if it finds the data collection code, it converts the code operators into the collection filters and adds them to the data collection filter engine.

For example, the code:





means to collect tasks that have a Progress icon between 0 and 99% (incompleted tasks) and whose due date is less than 7 days away. Collected tasks should be ordered by the due date.

You place this code into the collection topic notes:

then select this topic and click the Collect Data button. The required tasks will be collected.

You don't have to learn the data collection macro language in order to create suchlike collection criteria. There is a Macro Language Wizard, which help you to easily create the collection criteria you need.

1. In the MultiMaps configuration map, all topics in the Collection Keywords branch and the Express Templates branch have macrocode in the notes. With explanations how to modify it to suit your needs.

2. The Collection Criteria button drop-down menu has commands to help you quickly create a collection topic with the desired macro code in its notes:

Click the desired command. In the opened window, fill in the required search parameters:

Click the OK button. The collection topic with the generated macro code will be added to the map.

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