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What does MultiMaps copy from the source maps to the collection map

MultiMaps copies topics from the source map(s) and places them on the collection map.

Original topics may have boundaries, relationships to other topics, different font colors, font sizes, fill colors, notes, callouts, etc. While this is helpful for map presentation and identifying the relationships between several project parts, etc., it is unhelpful when MULTMAPS filters the topic into a collection without these features losing the visual cues that help give it context.

The goal of collecting topics is to present the project status or to present a task list. That is why MultiMaps copies topics with generic features.

MultiMaps copies topics with a default color when the topic or font is colored. MultiMaps will not copy a picture on a topic or hyperlinks.

However, MultiMaps always copies all icons, tags, and task attributes (dates, priority, progress, resources).

Users can explicitly set what MultiMaps copies to collection maps within each collection configuration.

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