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Links usage rule
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As was described in the Central Map section, when the Data Collection Engine finds a link to another map, it also jumps to this map and collects data from it.

The followed links are allowed:

  1. Links to the local maps (stored on computer);
  2. Links to the network maps (stored on a network disk);
  3. Links to the maps in the cloud storages (Google Drive, etc.).

Note, these links must point to the maps rather than to their topics.

Links on topics usually point to information on a map or link to another map. These maps may have many links, but you may not want to follow them all for data collection. Users can create a data collection map that only links to other maps, not topics.

If you only want to point to a specific place on a map, use links to that place (links to topics). Point to its central topic if you need a link to the map but don't want Data Collection to use it.

Alternatively, to prevent Data Collection from processing the given map, you may use the "No entry" icon .

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