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The latest MultiMaps Add-In version is (11.12.2018)

Works from Mindjet 16 to MindManager 19 (both x86 and x64 versions supported).

Fully functional trial period is 21 days since the first install. After that, the MultiMaps functionality will be limited. After purchasing a license key, the full functionality of the add-in will be restored (as well as all your data and changes that you made during the trial period). Read more in the MultiMaps Help.

Attention to existing MultiMaps users!

MultiMaps v5 is a paid upgrade. After installing it, MultiMaps will work for 2 weeks in Full mode (trial period). Then it will go into the Light mode! After purchasing a new license key for Full version, the MultiMaps will restore full functionality. Find Version comparison here.

To the attention of those who use the Windows Defender as an antivirus program. If Windows Defender blocks the downloaded setup file, read this article.

Installation instructions
1. Close MindManager before installing MultiMaps.
2. Download setup file at the link above and run it.
For those who have previous versions of the MultiMaps installed

The Data Collection configuration map may be altered. You will see easily its changes – new parts are colored with Yellow. Sorry for possible inconvenience, but the Data Collection module will be improve for some time, and its configuration map also may be changed.

It is located in:

MultiMaps v4:
My Documents/MultiMaps/Data Collection

MultiMaps v5:
My Documents/Palmaross/MultiMaps/Resources/Data Collection.

Changes in the MultiMaps

Several bugs fixed.

Changes in the MultiMaps

MultiMaps Ribbon design changed. Now it matches MindManager 19 Ribbon design.

A backup copy of your MultiMaps data is provided when upgrading from version 4 to version 5.

Changes in the MultiMaps 5.0


MultiMaps is leveled up to a new software platform (framework 4.5) and to a more modern programming language C# 6.0. This made it possible to significantly optimize and speed up its work, as well as to create a strong basis for its future extentions.

MultiMaps is adapted to a high resolution screens (2560×1440 and higher). Now all dialog windows look nice on any monitor.

MultiMaps structure is changed (system folders, databases, registry, etc.)

Bugs fixed:

1. If there are quotes in the Central Topic text, MultiMaps stops collecting data. Fixed.

2. On Macs, data collection templates are sometimes “lost”. Fixed. Data collection on Macs runs correctly.

3. When deleting bookmarks in the “All Bookmarks” window, they are deleted from database, but not from maps where they are located. Fixed.

4. Sometimes for some reason a path to bookmark is lost (= bookmark lost). The reason found, bug fixed.

Changes & improvements:

1. Macros. Now, when you add macros, they are copied to their folder, which allows to share them between different computers with MultiMaps.

2. My Sources. Now, when you add source, you are prompted to copy it into their folder, which allows to share sources between different computers with MultiMaps.

3. Synchronization. Now, to synchronize two topics (two branches), it’s sufficient to set synchronization to the one, and then copy it to the right place in the map, or in another map. Synchronization will be set automatically.


  • adding a new bookmark now is done in a separate dialog window, which is more convenient and more plain than the previous functionality;
  • deleting or importing “unknown” bookmarks made more convenient and more plain. Bookmarks are now much easier to manage.

5. Data Collection. Data collection dialogs have become more dynamic and “facile”.

New features:

1. Navigator. Added new functionality My Maps. Hot ticket!

  • find and open any map in a few seconds!
  • easily identify all your problem maps (different copies of one map, “lost” maps, deleted maps).
  • see at a glance all map’s links and attachments. If there are a lot, sort them by their type. Open any link/attachment without going to the topic where it is located. Manage them from one place, rather than walking from topic to topic.

2. Export of settings, databases and folders with MultiMaps templates and resources. Before reinstalling Windows, or when buying new computer, export them and then import them on a new machine. Get an exact copy of all your MultiMaps data. You can find it in MultiMaps Settings.

3. Express bookmarks. Now you can with one click place express bookmarks in a floating window and hold it anywhere on the screen. Your speed on the large maps grows several times!

4. Map Content. Now you can virtually sort all topics of the selected branch or even all topics in the map (arrange them alphabetically in the Map Content window).

5. Data Collection:

  • now you can collect topics with specified topic properties;
  • Progress and Effort criteria can be stated directly on collection topic;
  • now you can add keywords to the config map to collect data by Priority and Progress;
  • added new data collection options. Now you can customize data collection even more flexibly.

And last one:

The Tracking module has stopped his work. In MindManager 18 and 19, map topics have become very “smart”. The automatic coloring of map topics by a huge number of criteria has came into an irrepressible conflict with their coloring by Tracking module. To replace this module, a new Task Manager module is being prepared, which will make it very easy and handy to monitor all tasks in the map. The planned release date for this module is mid-November.

Changes in the MultiMaps 4.6

  1. Bug fixed in express-bookmarks.
  2. An error handler has been added to the Data Collection module (if you make an error when assigning filters on the collection topic, a callout with a message about this error will appear).
  3. Improvements in the Data Collection Engine:
    – previously inadmissible combinations of filters are allowed now
    – free date range now can be claimed directly on the collection topic (previously it was possible to do only with “Free period” keyword).

Changes in the MultiMaps 4.5

  1. New. Now you can also collect data from attached files (maps). Details in Help (can be found in the Help Index by Attachments word).
  2. Improvements in Express bookmarks. Now you can delete a specific bookmark from bookmarks list without selecting topic with this bookmark.
  3. Bug in the Data Collection module fixed: after sending changes to the original maps, the file names of these maps were converted to lower case.
  4. A macro for sort topics by markers (tags, icons, fill color and font color) added to Macros menu.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  1. A couple of menor bugs fixed.
  2. MultiMaps ribbon was adapted to high resolution screens.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  1. Menor bugs fixed  in Synchronization module.
  2. MultiMaps was adapted to MindManager 18.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  1. Menor bugs fixed  in Data Collection and Synchronization modules.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  1. Bug fixed (Synchronization module): synchronization of topics with the “Sync Parent” option.
  2. Bug fixed (Data Collection module): sending changes from a collection map to originals.
  3. Added Add Statistics option in the “Collect Data” dialog window that allows to choose: to add or not to add callout with statistics to the collection topic.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  1. Bug fixed: sticking mouse when switching one workbook tab to another.
  2. Bug fixed: when copying, moving or deleting a branch with a huge number of topics, MultiMaps considerably slowed down the work performance and consumed a lot of memory.
  3. Bug fixed: compatibility of MultiMaps with Task4Maps (from Olympic Limited company) add-in.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  1. Navigator. In Map Content window it is now possible to perform quick (wery quick!) search for the specific text in map’s topics. Search results (all topics that contain a given text) will be shown directly in Navigator window, so you’ll be able to navigate through them. You can also select the desired (or all) found topics and filter the map by them.
  2. Navigator. Added a new feature, My SourceMarks. You can bookmark (sourcemark) any file and/or webpage and open them right from MindManager!
  3. Data Collection. Added Macros feature. You can add any Macro into Macros menu and run them from there.
  4. Data Collection. Data Collection templates were redesigned. Hope you’ll like the new design. Also two new templates that utilize Kanban ideology are introduced.
  5. Fixed a bug that prevented collecting data from maps from MindManager 2017 in earlier MindManager versions.
  6. Minor bugs fixed.

Changes in the MultiMaps

1. MultiMaps adapted to MindManager 17.

Changes in the MultiMaps

1. Fixed some minor bugs.

2. Now you can also copy Topic Properties while collecting data (checkbox in the MultiMaps Settings).

Changes in the MultiMaps

1. Fixed some minor bugs.

2. New! Data Collection module. Recollect button removed. Now its function is performed by (upper part of) Collect data button. See Collect data and The result of the data collecting sections in the MultiMaps Help for details.

3. New! Data Collection module. If you set a custom text color, fill color or line color to a keyword topic in the configuration map, these colors will be applied to this keyword in your data collection map (under some conditions – see the Data collection Configuration map section in the MultiMaps Help for details.)

Changes in the MultiMaps

Data Collection module:
1. New Data Collection engine. Data Collection works up to 10 times faster than in previous versions (so the “Collect data in background” option is not needed anymore).
2. Data Collection does not longer waste the Recent Files list.
3. New operators added in the Data Collection Macro Language: resource:user_name, no_resources, complete:N-M, rollup, formula (see “Data Collection Macro Language” in the MultiMaps Help).
3. Links to folders (that are assumed to contain maps) are now also used to collect data.
4. New functionality added: “My sources”.
5. “Express Dashboard” functionality is replaced with “Collect data” command. See MultiMaps Help for details.
6. Data Collection statistics improved.

7. Fixed Sinchronization module bug.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  1. New functionality in Synchronization module. Added “Synchronization Scope”. If you already worked with this module and have sync topics in your maps, please read the “Compatibility” in the “Synchronization” section.
  2. Improvements in Synchronization engine. Now synchronization goes smoothly, without twitching the map.
  3. Improved perfomance of Data Collection.
  4. Some minor bugs fixed.