Changes in the MultiMaps 7.0 (15/03/2023)

This version of MultiMaps introduces some significant changes to the addin’s built-in functionality and workflow design.

1. We removed the following features from MultiMaps as they were not directly related to working with multiple maps:

– The Synchronization module;

– The Links and Attachments feature that was under the My maps button;

– The Macros feature;

– The My Sources feature.

2. We completely redesigned the Data Collection module into three logical activity groups: Pre-Data Collection >> Data Collection >> Post-Data Collection.

Major changes:

  • Previously, a user could create unique collection templates but had to define the map locations and add options to each template. Now users can create and store different collection configuration cases and re-use them for any data collection. This functionality is more transparent, robust and flexible than before. For more details, see here.
  • Now users can create and save any number of collection sources: maps, folders, and map collections in the Configuration Map. They can easily define them in the collection configurations and insert them into their maps. For more details, see here.
  • We have added new express templates functionality to MultiMaps. Users can quickly and efficiently add collection criteria (a topic or a branch with collection criteria) to a map and immediately collect data by these criteria. For more details, see here.
  • New collection criteria added – the task costs (general, by resource, total), the resource rate, priority, topic notes text, hyperlinks and attachments.
  • Comparison operators (“>”, “>=”, “<“, “<= “) have been added to the macro language for all operators (= collection criteria) with numeric values.
  • The user can define the topic attributes that make the topic a task, in the MultiMaps settings.
  • The user can now redefine special icons that affect the data collection (No entry, Project, Subproject, etc.).

3. New functions

  • Users can now implement powerful Two-factor branch sorting that includes ten criteria. Both manual and macro language operators sorting is possible, allowing users to collect and sort data according to their needs quickly. For more details, see here.
  • A new Macro Language Wizard makes it easy for users to use the data collection macro language without learning it.
  • New Resource roles functionality improves how users manage Resources and collect Resource-related data. This addition should lead to more exciting and sophisticated results.
  • In addition to collect data on a map, the collection results now can be displayed in a separate window, where you can explore collected topics (the topic text, topic notes, and the path to the map that owns the topic), add the desired result topics to the current map, or open the selected topic map.
  • Send to map – allows you to send selected topics to the specified branches of the required maps or create new topics in them. In doing so, these map do not need to be opened. Saves your time when collecting and organizing information.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  • A couple of minor bugs fixed.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  • A couple of minor bugs fixed.
  • English Help file was refined by an English-speaking user, so it became more readable and best understood.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  • Common Lists: now you can assign color to tags.
  • Data collection:
    Mindjet Files cloud service was deprecated 2 years ago, so maps from the Mindjet Files are not longer supported to collect data.
    Bug fixed: when sending changes, some tags were not sent to originals.
  • My Bookmarks. Bug fixed –  bookmarks in the maps from cloud storages (Google Drive, etc.) did not always work.
  • MultiMaps is adapted to MindManager 22.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  • Fixed minor issues.
  • Added search by resources and tags in Common Lists.
  • The structure of the Common Lists database was changed.
  • You can add resources and tags to the map from all groups  at once.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  • Fixed a bug in the Synchronization module.
  • Fixed minor issues in the Data Collection module.
  • The “Links and Attachments” command (“Navigator” module) has been significantly accelerated when there are a lot of links and attachments on the map.
  • MultiMaps was translated into Polish.

Changes in the MultiMaps

  • Fixed a bug with collecting data by resources.
  • The meaning of the resource:me operator has been changed.

Changes in the MultiMaps

Changes in the MultiMaps

  • MultiMaps was adapted to MindManager 21.
  • Added the Clean command to the “Data collection” group, which allows you to quickly clear a branch of data collection results.
  • Common Lists functionality has been greatly improved:
    — now you can create a database for your resources. Among other data, you may save the resource rate – as a result, resource will be added to a map already with this rate;
    — for tag groups, you can assign a “Mutually exclusive” property;
    — you can assign color to tags, and they will be assigned to a map with this color;
    — resources and tags now can not only be moved, but also copied to another groups – for this, while dragging an element, hold the Ctrl key;
    — improved import of resources and tags from the map to Common Lists.

Changes in the MultiMaps

Bug fixed – collecting data from linked maps

Changes in the MultiMaps

Several bugs fixed

Changes in the MultiMaps

Fixed bug in the adding express bookmarks command

Changes in the MultiMaps

  • Design of MultiMaps dialogs improved for high-resolution screens.
  • All MultiMaps functions now work correctly in the cloud maps (maps from the Mindjet Files and maps stored in the cloud storages via MindManager interface).
  • The Links & Attachments function now also works with cloud maps (maps from the Mindjet Files and maps stored in the cloud storages through the MindManager interface).
  • Find/Open Maps dialog window design improved. Cloud maps are now correctly added to the “My Maps” database. Now they can be opened from this window.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.

Changes in the MultiMaps

Critical bug fixed that didn’t allow work with MindManager maps stored in the cloud storages and to implement co-editing. Be sure to download this MultiMaps version and install it!

Changes in the MultiMaps

Bugs fixed in the Sinchronization module.

Changes in the MultiMaps

Bug fixed in the Sinchronization module.

Changes in the MultiMaps

“Synchronization” module was fully redesigned. As a result, it is now more stable and easier to manage.

Changes in the MultiMaps

Fixed bug with data collection from Mindmanager 2020 cloud maps.

Changes in the MultiMaps

Fixed minor bugs.

Changes in the MultiMaps

Fixed some bugs.

MultiMaps is adapted to MindManager 2020.

Attention! The Data Collection module can now collect data from maps stored in the cloud storages, but only in the MindManager 2020! More details in MultiMaps Help.

Changes in the MultiMaps

Fixed some bugs.

Work with “Macros” and “My sources” improved.

Changes in the MultiMaps

Fixed some bugs.

Work with network drive improved.

Changes in the MultiMaps

⦁ Fixed some bugs.
⦁ Work with remote maps improved  (local network, server).

⦁ Work with the “My Maps”window improved.

⦁ Work with the “Data collection keywords” window accelerated.

⦁ German MultiMaps translation has been significantly improved. Thanks to Jörn Weber!
⦁ In view of the release of Spanish version of MindManager, the Spanish MultiMaps translation has been updated.
New! Now you can collect topics with the desired text. See in MultiMaps Help: Data Collection > Data collection criteria > Topic text.

Changes in the MultiMaps

Several bugs fixed.

Changes in the MultiMaps

MultiMaps Ribbon design changed. Now it matches MindManager 19 Ribbon design.

A backup copy of your MultiMaps data is provided when upgrading from version 4 to version 5.

Changes in the MultiMaps 5.0


MultiMaps is leveled up to a new software platform (framework 4.5) and to a more modern programming language C# 6.0. This made it possible to significantly optimize and speed up its work, as well as to create a strong basis for its future extentions.

MultiMaps is adapted to a high resolution screens (2560×1440 and higher). Now all dialog windows look nice on any monitor.

MultiMaps structure is changed (system folders, databases, registry, etc.)

Bugs fixed:

1. If there are quotes in the Central Topic text, MultiMaps stops collecting data. Fixed.

2. On Macs, data collection templates are sometimes “lost”. Fixed. Data collection on Macs runs correctly.

3. When deleting bookmarks in the “All Bookmarks” window, they are deleted from database, but not from maps where they are located. Fixed.

4. Sometimes for some reason a path to bookmark is lost (= bookmark lost). The reason found, bug fixed.

Changes & improvements:

1. Macros. Now, when you add macros, they are copied to their folder, which allows to share them between different computers with MultiMaps.

2. My Sources. Now, when you add source, you are prompted to copy it into their folder, which allows to share sources between different computers with MultiMaps.

3. Synchronization. Now, to synchronize two topics (two branches), it’s sufficient to set synchronization to the one, and then copy it to the right place in the map, or in another map. Synchronization will be set automatically.


  • adding a new bookmark now is done in a separate dialog window, which is more convenient and more plain than the previous functionality;
  • deleting or importing “unknown” bookmarks made more convenient and more plain. Bookmarks are now much easier to manage.

5. Data Collection. Data collection dialogs have become more dynamic and “facile”.

New features:

1. Navigator. Added new functionality My Maps. Hot ticket!

  • find and open any map in a few seconds!
  • easily identify all your problem maps (different copies of one map, “lost” maps, deleted maps).
  • see at a glance all map’s links and attachments. If there are a lot, sort them by their type. Open any link/attachment without going to the topic where it is located. Manage them from one place, rather than walking from topic to topic.

2. Export of settings, databases and folders with MultiMaps templates and resources. Before reinstalling Windows, or when buying new computer, export them and then import them on a new machine. Get an exact copy of all your MultiMaps data. You can find it in MultiMaps Settings.

3. Express bookmarks. Now you can with one click place express bookmarks in a floating window and hold it anywhere on the screen. Your speed on the large maps grows several times!

4. Map Content. Now you can virtually sort all topics of the selected branch or even all topics in the map (arrange them alphabetically in the Map Content window).

5. Data Collection:

  • now you can collect topics with specified topic properties;
  • Progress and Effort criteria can be stated directly on collection topic;
  • now you can add keywords to the config map to collect data by Priority and Progress;
  • added new data collection options. Now you can customize data collection even more flexibly.

And last one:

The Tracking module has stopped his work. In MindManager 18 and 19, map topics have become very “smart”. The automatic coloring of map topics by a huge number of criteria has came into an irrepressible conflict with their coloring by Tracking module.